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Welcome to an extensive photo album of the trip! Remember to send your pictures to me. Contact the photographer personally if you would like to larger, or physical copies of the photo.

Veritas Univeristy/San Jose
Our school, where we spend considerable time everyday, especially in the computer lab. Plus pictures from the city.
This was our first excursion. It was still a time to get to know everyone. It was also one of the best experiences of Costa Rica! Who can forget the canopy tour! But who can forget the bumpy bus ride either?
Jaco is probably the most visited spot due to its proximity to San Jose. The beach might not be the greatest, but hey, it's still a beach!
Puerto Viejo/Cahuita
The second most visited location after Jaco. You've got snorkling, banana milk shakes and more. There were many memories at this place. And remember that guy...?
Boca Tapada
No Beaches. But there were Tucans! Our final Ecology/Marine Biology excursion.
Birthday Parties
Many birthdays came to pass. Here are their pictures.
Eric, Chris, and Paul had the lucky opportunity to go to the Biological Reserve at Curu with Jessica, the ecology teacher, to help build artificial reefs. With monkeys, mangroves, birds, it was an unforgettable trip!
Miscellaneous Pictures
There were lots of stuff to do in Costa Rica! Here are some of them.
Personal Pictures
Everyone has their own personal pictures that are special just to them.

The Final Days
Pictures from the finals days before parting. Will we be coming back to Costa Rica? Many of us hope so...

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